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I'm new to Walleye fishing, I've been fishing bass and musky for years but I recently bought a newer boat and it came with downriggers so I thought I might as well put them to use. I was planning on going out of Port Bruce tonight but all I know is to go out to 50ish FOW and start trolling. I have a few spoons to try out but im basicly shooting in the dark when it comes to anything else. Does anyone have any tips that could help me get a few in the boat?





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Either go out of Port Bruce or Port Burwell. If you go out of Bruce head a little east. Most of the guys are fishing in 58 to 60 fow and set your riggers around 35 fow. If you are just using riggers, I would set one at 30 fow and the other at 35 and see what happens. You might even want to try around 40 fow. Go about 2.7 to 2.9 for speed on GPS, that is what I usually run. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

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