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Big boat fishin on the river


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Went out today and had a good day on the boat. We had Mr. Earl as the first mate and our two guest fisherman was Aymen and Kevin.




Kevin with a nice 22 lb Blue Cat



Aymen with a nice 11 lb Blue Cat



Earl bringing up the rear with a 8 lb gar



Earl holding my 12 lber I was busy snelling more hooks.




A nice bass from last weekend from my super secret farm pond.



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The boat made it thru the winter with no damage after dewinterizing I turned the keys and it fired right up. I did a shake down run last week before loading people on board just in case there was an issue. The bite was good the hard part was holding the boat right with the current being tidal and a strong cross wind the drift sock was the only reason we could put any lines out.


Thanks all



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