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Monster's or Jumbo's? - Tis the Season!


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Lake Simcoe is a World-Class fishery for a number of fish species and Yellow Perch are no exception! With a Year-round open season and a amazing Perch fishery spring fishing can account for awesome catches in both Quality and Quantity. I have had the privilege to fish the lake for over 25years and currently having awesome success on guide trips the past few days and expect that to be the norm till the 1st week of May or so. I have a number of main lake sports where once these shallow fish finish the spawn and move out my deeper water fish are just starting and the action is nothing short of amazing!



Ultra-light rods spooled up with a max of 4lb line and a combination of mini tubes, 3" Trigger-X minnows on a drop-shot rig or a small jig head is all you need. Ultra light rods with light lines are such a fun way to catch them and there is not a better tasting fish in the fry pan! Remember that big perch spook like any other fish so if you really want to tag a trophy take advantage of the wind and make long casts on your drift!




Good luck and remember to be safe out there!... Greg.

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