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30 cars went through the ice

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its that time of year... ice gets soft and sags... be carefull...





Hey mike I was on simcoe a few years back and I watched a whack of cars go through. It was one big crack and then just slow motion, same thing 10 to 12 inches, people dont think, if they were driving a big rig they may worry but nobody adds up the weight of the combined vehicles. I have a hard time parking on the ice because I am ususally one of the first on and last off, it is the dumb my mom hates me that park around me when gone that scares me. The best part was I was with a group of three and I had my limit, and my buddies had just a few to go so headed back early to get the vehicle warmed up (we parked on land) but I took the other 2 guys fish with me. At the time the cars went through A CO was just asking me about my day and licence. What great timing, or I could have been in a tight spot with some explaining to do. He said have a nice day and made a call. Hey to all try to park a little out of the way from the weekend citidiots,to avoid this. the tow truck was getting 800 cash. he had a great day.

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~~~I remember when Gord Booth ran Kingfishers out of Virgina Beach, he had Frank an old friend there directing people where to park, then a convoy of our southern cousins arrived and igorned Frank and parked tight together, and sure enough the ice gave, and it cost up to $400. just to be hooked up and tow out.

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