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Shopping for a new SUV, info and opinions please.


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Chevy Tahoe gets excellent fuel ecomony..15l/100km, that's horrible, I can get an easy 12 or less per 100 with a Quadcab 4x4, with a Cummins. The lug nuts on my truck take more torque than your little pizzant GM produces.. :devil:


You're gonna break a stud off!


At least then it'll match the other broken parts :whistling:

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Your right bill, the lexus 470 or 450 small lift with some 33's would be sweet. My fiancee does not see my vision! Back to reality, im leaning more and more towards the 4Runner. Without taking the step up in truck size or buying a pickup it is the biggest model in its class. Much larger than my 2 door blazer. test drove an xterra last night, very cramped inside not for us big people, although i do like the rugged exterior.


The 4runner is pricey in canada. Im getting quotes for 44 plus tax where as stateside im getting quotes for 33 plus tax for the same model.


Even with all these extra fees, buying in the states may be the best option!


A bit smaller than the 4runner, but check out the new Kia Sorento. I rented one the other day and it is a very nice SUV especially for the $$. That engine pulls like a steroid donkey and it's loaded with options. I'm sure many people will balk at Kia, Heck even I do, but this thing is worth a double look. They have definitly improved they vehicles.

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I own a 98 Toyota 4runner with 396K on it. I love this SUV...it has done everything I have ever wanted it to do plus more with limited out of pocket expense. I will be driving it till it dies...at this point doesn't seem to be anytime soon. If I had 50K I'd be buying a brand new one. Well worth it if you keep your vehicles for a long time.

Another 200 thousand and she'll be broken in! :thumbsup_anim:

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I bought a Hyundi AWD Santa Fe a few years back. The thing is bulletproof, the single best winter driving vehicle I have ever owned and the only reason I go to dealer is for a visit. It has a 3.3L V6 and towed an 18ft Lund and then a 17ft Triton, never an issue.

Averages 10L/100km for regular driving and 12.1L/100km towing the triton back from Kentucky at 120km.

Great warranty, no problems, great to drive and I'm not a small guy. Well designed and seats 5.

The bride will not let me sell it unless we get another one.


I get a new vehicle every year at work and domestics are getting better but even though they are covered by warranty I get annoyed getting something fixed every couple of months.

I owned a Dodge truck for a couple of years, make sure you get the option of the tow-behind fuel wagon. Nice looking but terrible mileage.

Chevy Sierra with a 4.8L engine was a good truck but I will stick with the Hyundai.


Great family/driving vehicle. Works for us.





I'm sure we are just confusing you but hey you asked for advice... :whistling:

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One thing not mentioned here is the beauty of part-time 4x4 for backroads and messy snow. My current vehicle is full 4wd which doesn't seem to cut it. Live and learn. I think the 4runner is part-time as do most of the trucks. Many SUV aren't. Jeep seems to have several 4x4 configs.


Also having owned a few trucks I went to an SUV for the added interior space and security. In the truck I often looked behind me to see this big empty box that I used once and while. Had my hockey gear stolen one year too and I had a cap on the box. Now I have a landscape trailer which I can beat and use for all sorts of jobs.

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Just for the curiosity on my side, I sat down and tallied up all the fuel used since new, 19 Jul 04 until a couple days ago, 15,345litres for 114,522km, works out to as close to 21mpg as you can get. City/highway combined pulling a 22' travel trailer or a 16'boat. I don't think any of the gas engines can come close to this in reality, no matter how much the manufacturers say the can. Beyond that, it will pull far more than a 22' trailer without a lot of effort.

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