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Some Pictures from Alberta

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I don't think I have ever posted to this section. I thought I'd share of my favourite pictures from my trip to Alberta. Nothing can ever compare to actually being there. No fancy equipment...just a Nikon Coolpix point and shoot camera. Hope you enjoy them!


Taken from the top of Sulphur Mountain...looking down at Banff. I was playing around with adding the branches of the trees in the foreground.



Can't remember where this one was taken...but I loved the picture.



This is in Maligne Canyon...I loved the water falling from the rock wall into the river and hoped I captured it well in the photograph.



It was a cloudy day while we were at Johnson Canyon, but the sun came out as we headed back on the trail.



Heading out of the Rockies towards Red Deer Alberta. Taken from the moving car...LOL.



On the way to a fishing trip, I saw the fog in the fields as the sun came up...


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Just beautiful Cliff. Been awhile since I've been there and seen those sights.


I think the one you can't remember where it is, is Field. I believe it is on the highway just near Banff and Jasper.

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Great shots Cliff! Impressed with the moving car one, composition is pretty darn good all things considered. If you were not moving so fast you wouldn't have caused the ripple on the water and could have had a great reflection. :D

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