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Ranger Launches Two New Bass Boats For 2012

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I previously mentioned that Stratos has introduced a new multi-species fishing boat (326XF) for 2012. Now it looks like Ranger also has a pair of new boats for 2012.


The all-new Z520 and Z522 each get a higher front casting deck for better accuracy when pitching and flipping, which also results in more in-deck storage and rod locker storage as well. Further, the two new models will each get a recessed foot pedal in the front deck. Both new models take a 20-inch shaft outboard, and have all the standard Ranger Comanche features.


Ranger will offer a Touring Package on these two models that adds a keel protector, deluxe traveling boat cover, water line stripe, oxygenator, trailer parking brake and aluminum wheels from American Racing. The trailer parking brake, in particular, is a stellar feature.


I have no idea what they cost. They're Rangers. They won't be cheap.


Click here for pictures.




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Length: 22’ 4” Beam: 8’1”

Max power: 300 hp

Inside Depth: 22”

Fuel Capacity: 2 x 121 L (2 x 32 gal) Dry Weight: 1,940 lbs. (single console), 1,965 lbs. (dual console)





Add on the truck fill up,,,,,,,,,,, :o:wallbash:



Nice boat though.

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I had a few bass boats along the way,most recently a Stratos and now the Ranger 522.If you are looking for a comfortable ride that handles the big water then go with a Ranger.They wont be the fastest things on the water but you will be comfortable.

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