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Christie reservoir?

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I've only got tomorrow off and was looking around for somewhere close and easy to get to on the map and found Christie. They say there's bass, pike, crappie, and bluegill in there but I've never been.

Just lookin for a bit of info from you guys to see if it's worth my while to head out with my Hobie. Not to say that there's such a thing as a bad day on the water just wondering what the fishing is like!!


Any info is a plus!


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Last time I fished there I seen a water snake that had a fish in its mouth bigger than the fish I caught. But I never fished in a canoe or kayak to test the waters on the other side. I heard of pike being caught there, nothing big mind you.


Another place you can try is Chipewa Creek camp ground just outside of Smithville. I used to catch some good sized largemouth there. And it's not too far from Hamilton. Good luck.

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Christie's dam is opened up every year for winter and the reservoir is reduced to a creek. Not too many fish populations stay put there, especially of any size. I guess they fluctuate water levels a lot in spring/fall as well. There are stocker bows to be caught in the inland ponds there though. Bell sinker, snelled hook and Power Bait Trout Dough is what we used to use.


Pretty close by there are some much better choices like the above mentioned. Or Valens, or Mountsberg.

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