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Beak of Berries

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      Went on an ATV ride this morning and found the patch.

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      Hey folks.   I notice a few blue berries patches while camping last weekend. Some of the berries where starting to turn a little red. But most where still green, and very hard.   I'd really like to get out this year, and pick a few margarine containers full. Enough for blue berry pancakes for the year!   I'm sure it varies a little each year. But does anyone know when the usual wild blue berry picking season starts?? Or even better, does anyone have a good estimate of when and how lon

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      Last night my wife and I went downtown (Barrie - not even close to the gta) for a Christmas party for one of the companies I work for. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we took a cab home. Get up Sunday morning and head down to retrieve our car at 8:30am only to find a ticket on the windshield of our car for parking downtown between 3am and 6am.   I assume this is a winter/snow removal related parking issue, no snow last night btw, but it burns a little that we felt we did the right thing (bo

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