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mike rousseau

Great long weekend

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Got to do a fair bit of walleye fishing this past week... And the bite is on!!!!!!


Monday evening me and my longtime buddy finally got out and did pretty good... We boated 12 walleye in 4 hours


Thursday I got out by myself and managed 8 walleye


Friday evening I went out for some musky action and boated a small 38" fish...


Saturday I took the family to the legendary glengarry highland games to watch the heavy weight events... Caber toss... Hammer throw... Sheef toss and then got to hear the mass band play... 65 pipe bands play together and it is really quite a moving sound


Sunday I got out on some new found spots with another friend and we smoked 14 walleye with a couple lost bigguns as well and lots of missed



Then today I got the wifey out for a

couple hours this afternoon and we got 6 walleye in 3 hours and I lost one about 8 pounds boatside...


All in all a really nice week of family... Friends... and fishing...


Oh ... And Sunday night I did a fish fry for the in-laws... 12 people stuffed with walleye and all had big smiles on their faces



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Save some for me Mike !!! I'm itchin to get up there with you again on the 13th Gonefishing.gif

And you are right, i have been to the games numerous times, and the sound of all them pipes playing together, brings a tear to my eye. Ahhh Memoriesclapping.gif

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