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    • Spotter needed for Tightline Shootout This Sat

      Hello everyone I am a charter captain on lake ontario and I need a spotter for my team. There is a salmon tournament being held out of bluffers park This sat and you will need to be there to observer on another boat. Hours would be Friday night from 7-9 for meeting and then sat am from 530-3:00pm.   It is a great event and a chance to watch some of the top anglers on lake ontario for the day, great way to learn and have a free boat ride, there is some sweet boats and it is random draw.   Fr

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    • Observer Needed for Tightline Tourney

      We need an observer for the Tightline tourney this weekend. PM me if interested. We will be able to take out our observer fishing.

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    • Bud Shootout

      Well that was a different Daytona race it should be interesting to see how it will work when there are 43 cars out there for 500 miles.   Anyhoo I just thought it was great to see Kyle wreck out the first race of the season I can only hope for 36 more LOL.   I did find it funny how he did not bash Mark for putting him into the wall is this a different Kyle this year??? Or him just knowing that you dont bash Mark as he is not one who would do this on purpose?   I was just sitting here makin

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    • Spotter for Tightline Salmon shootout

      I have a customer looking for a spotter,the event is in two weeks. call Darryl @ 905-342-5786 if your interested

      in General Discussion

    • Budget Spinning reel shootout?

      Ok, so whats your pick for a front drag 2500ish front drag spinning reel? Need another reel and would like to try something new.   Dawia EXC2500 9.9oz, 4.7:1 ratio, 170 Yards/8lbs $66.00 Abu Cardinal 500 9.6oz, 5.1:1 ratio, 180 yards/8lbs $75.00 Pflueger PresidentXT 11.4oz, 5.2:1 ratio, 145 yards/8lbs $79.00 Quantum Incyte 10.9oz, 5.2:1 ratio, 160 yards/8lbs $56.45 Shimano Sedona 9.5oz, 6.2:1 ratio, 140 yards/8lbs $71.95   In particular I would normally have bou

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