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What summer is all about....a few reports wrapped into one.

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I never complain about how hot the weather gets in the summertime. All winter long I dream of these hot days of summer!


A week ago, Fishnsled and I had a few hours to kill, so we headed to Rice Lake to see what we could stir from the waters. The target of the day was bass and walleye. The morning started out with a flurry, but as the heat from the day crept in, the bite got tougher and tougher.


Will always seems to catch bass....a species historically I don't do well with!





I never seem to be able to catch these guys on the Kawarthas, so this was a nice surprise!



Thanks for the invite Will! Always a good time on the water with you!


This past weekend, GBW invited my little on and I up to the cottage to spend the day. Our daughters met for the first time and they hit it off right away. They were inseparable all day long!


We first took our little ones out on the water to see if we could catch some fish. The only ones to catch were GBW with a bass...and my little one with a perch! GBW said something about a "hot spot", but I'm having my doubts....



We only spent about an hour out there and the girls were getting hot and wanted to go swimming back at the cottage. In we went to a nice lunch and they wasted no time in cooling off in the lake. They were in the water for pretty much the entire afternoon.








After lunch, Young One finally arrived and the three of us hit the water again since the kids were clearly busy! It was hot out there, but we managed a few fish!









Thanks GBW for the invite to the cottage...we had a great time!

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I never complain about how hot the weather gets in the summertime. All winter long I dream of these hot days of summer!


Now there's a man I could drink with! Looks like you had a great day.

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Looks like a fun time! I've heard so much about that pizza place, going to have to try it some day.

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