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Downtown today for Ugly Shirt Friday

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I decided to take the day off today so I could participate in Ugly Shirt Fridays and give my support to Wayne and Leah as they deal with their daughter Jennifer's surgery recovery. What a surprise when Jen showed up with them to join us. Jen is such an inspiration and has so much courage and strength I can't even begin to describe it.


I'll begin with my drive down, which was fast and uneventful, but this car in front of me looked kinda cool, so the first picture of the day. It was called a CITROEN.





I decided to park at the underground garage at the Metro store where my son works near Dundas and Jarvis so that I could walk to the restaurant and then come back and buy my son lunch and whatever else a growing boy needs. The walk was HOT and it sure is busy downtown. This sign jumped out at me about 5 minutes into my walk :lol:





About 20 minutes and I was finally at the Village Idiot Pub (nice name ha ha ha) and Geoff and Joe were already seated in the "unairconditioned" bar!! Wow it was hot. Shortly after Phil showed up and not long after we see Wayne, Leah and Jen arrive.


I really love the shirt Jen's friends had made up for her :good:






We ordered and shortly after Carole and her daughter showed up. I got the waiter to take our group shot!! There are ALOT of ugly shirts right there :o






Lunch and conversation was great and it was nice to see Wayne, Leah and expecially Jen laughing.


Keep up the battle my friends!


So nice to see you all again :clapping:



Joe, Phil and I left around 1 p.m. and I walked back to Metro and took my son for some lunch and catch up on life talk (sans the ugly shirt, didn't want to embarrass him, ha ha ha).





By the time I got back on the road it was 2:30 and the Don Valley Parkinglot had begun its Friday night chaos. Was a long, slow drive back up. I noticed a big, furry animal ignoring it all, going about its business in the centre, grass median. Took a pic as we were not moving too fast.





Apparently Jen will be going home Sunday to the amazement of the doctor and staff of the hospital. What fantastic news to hear today.


So thanks for the invite Wayne and Leah. Let me know if you need some company next time you have to go down for Jen's check up. I might just have to join you again :thumbsup_anim:

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Great post Joeythumbsup_anim.gif Thanks for sharing the day with us. So great to see how fast Jen is recovering.

Great pics too.




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