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Temiskaming Shores / Tri-Towns area

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I recently moved back here, and was wondering if anyone else from the Tri-Towns area is on this board? I know I saw a post from someone on here ice fishing in New Liskeard during a visit home, and Nipfisher gave me a few ideas of where to fish around here, too.


Some of the closest lakes to me in Cobalt are fishable (Crosswise Lake, for example), but you can't eat the fish or swim in them due to the arsenic and mercury levels thanks to the mining history. I don't think you can fish in Sasaginaga Lake (even though the MNR sees fit to list the species found in there on their map, basically like a big tease) due to it being used for drinking water.


Mostly, I've been exploring right now, looking for lakes and rivers, finding back roads my car can make it down, etc. I don't really wanna take my canoe into Lake Temiskaming, and I'm new to fishing from anywhere but shore unless I'm a guest in someone else's boat, and then they choose the spots to fish, so I am just learning where to go and whatnot. That's why I think I'm planning to spend a lot of my time in Gillies Lake and Sharp Lake, as both are close to home and accessible to me (I'm not sure if Gillies has a public boat launch, but my wife's uncle has a cottage there and welcomed me to use it whenever I want). I took my Sportspal in there this week for the first time and caught a pike to take home, and one that I lost at the side of the boat while waiting for the net (shouldn't have waited.. my buddy was slow). And then another couple fish that got off before I could see them. I've caught a couple bass from shore at Sharp and had about 5 topwater strikes in an hour of fishing from a dock in Gillies a week ago or so. I know there's fish in there.


I know I could drive an hour+ away to find stuff north or south of here... I intend to hit Latchford soon (I'm a fan of the Montreal River, to be honest, mainly due to it giving me my first bass ever). And I did check out the Blanche River for a few hours, but man, what a name. I couldn't even see my lure until it was on the shore again, the water is so dirty. Probably should have been called the Black River. I tried everything in my tackle box, as well as a regular hook and worm, and didn't get a bite. But it was really, really nice to drive up to, and fish from shore. This is about a half hour or so, I guess, out from Diamond, mind you. I don't mind driving, but I kinda want to get something to show for it.


Anyhow, I was just curious of what people thought of the area and any experiences you had, or if you have any suggestions I should check out.

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Hi Dana


I lived in New Liskeard many years ago. Most of the fishing I did was in Lake Temiskaming for Pickeral and Pike> There is also a very healthy smallmouth population in that lake.


The Blanche River towards the Quebec border as you mentioned is very good for Pickeral in the spring. You will see people camping the banks at season opener along that area. I'm sure the water is much too warm now to hold many fish at this time of year.


Good luck with your exploring. I'm sure you will discover many great spots in that beautiful area.





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