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Smallmouth Report *PICS & VIDEO*

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I had a couple of groups out this week fishing for big smallies.

Wednesday afternoon I had a group of regulars out on Simcoe. We waited out the bad weather but took on the wind still. We saw a lot of big fish and had lots of curious fish following jerkbaits and spinnerbaits. We caught a few smaller fish in the 2-3 pound range on the XZone slammers but the fishing was tough overall and we couldnt get the big girls to go. We finished the day off fishing largies, and caught a couple decent fish but again, it was not a spectacular bite.






On Friday I had some clients out on a favourite smaller lake. One of them had purchased a cottage on the lake and after a few unsuccessful outings had decided he needed some help. He brought a friend along and we beat them up. We got a bunch of real good fish throwing a variety of baits from XZone Slammers and Swammers to topwaters and flukes. We ended up with around 25 good smallies on the day and had an absolute blast. We got a few videos even.








And the video

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Some Nice looking Smallies there maybe I will have to take a trip up there for some smallies and try something other then Erie.

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Thems some big bass!!

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