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Outboard on Sale at Costco

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For anyone looking for a cheap outboard for light-duty use, Peterborough Costco had the APS Brand 6HP on sale for $1,000. I know, there'll be no parts to find, no one knows how to fix them, unproven brand etc. etc. etc., but it does have the Costco no-questions-asked warranty for at least 2 years.


This is also a 4 stroke motor. Shouldn't be too hard to fix for any marine mechanic, outboard technology isn't rocket science.


For anyone looking for a motor for a cottage boat or a dinghy, this may be an option at probably half the price of a "name" brand black or blue outboard.


Hope someone finds this post useful.

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I was told by the APS rep at the Sportsman show a few year back the APS motors came out of the same factory as Mercury motors. I believe that small Merc's and Nissans are made by Tohatsu. If this is the case then you may be able to use Mercury parts.


I never did any research to confirm that what he told me was true; it is just what I was told.

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