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Rod Caster

Small lake walleye suprise

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4:00pm text to Joey: Wanna go fishing?

4:05pm text to me: Yes

4:30pm pickup

4:55pm launch


We decided to decipher another tiny lake with our best pal sportspal and try out for some largemouth bass. It was a windy night so we headed for a sheltered area with plenty of emergent vegetation and began casting top water. With no signs of top water hits, or surfacing fish we slowed things down and I hooked into a decent Largie using a slammer on dropshot.




The iceth, was brokeneth....but the action slowed down for bass. Twenty minutes later Joey, with his trusty wacky worm, casted right on bullseye and got a nice hit.

At first it was a good bass.

Then it was a huge pike.

Then it was a huge walleye.










23.5". We were both in complete shock as we were unaware that there were any walleye in the lake at all. Elated, we carried on and felt a few decent hits and only one more fish landed.






Had we stayed until dusk, the action would have picked up but he had work duties and I was ready to pack it in.... having no seats in the canoe is a real pain in the asshat.gif , quite literally.


Gotta love small lakes!!!

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Beautiful walleye!! Have to love surprise fish, especially when they are of that quality :thumbsup_anim:

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