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Lake O Quickie

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So far, July has been a great month for fishing! I've been out 3 times in 4 days, on 4 different bodies of water! I'm pretty sure Bicephalic is going to post a report containing the bulk of that...so this is just a quick report on some awesome Lake O action last night.



Bicephalic, our pal Frenchie and myself took advantage of a clear schedule and light winds, meeting up for 6pm at the Bronte launch. None of us had ever done this by ourselves....that is...we've always had someone a tad more experienced in the boat. Thank goodness for the reports online and the help of a good friend who's out there daily and texted us a few pointers. thumbsup_anim.gif


We rigged up a few dipsy rods...hemmed and hawed about clamping on my portable downrigger, but decided to leave it behind...and got Frenchie's beautiful boat in the water.




We headed out to just shy of 200FOW and dropped our lines with an assortment of spoons on. First fish on was on my rod w00t.gif I was running a watermelon coloured spoon and it was rapidly heading in the other direction!!!!


Unfortunately....this was all I ended up reeling in.




Only good news here is that I didn't lose the dipsy, and I took small comfort in knowing it wasn't my knot that failed. GRRRRR.


As it turned out....that really wasn't the FIRST fish of the night though...about 20 minutes into our troll, we noticed Bicephalic's rod bouncing around. It was so subtle though....and his rodholder was the only one mounted to the transom, so we convinced ourselves it was a motor-induced shimmy.


Once he reeled in to switch spoons though.....TADA!!!!




A quick check in the sportfish ID guide confirmed, much to his disappointment, that it WASN'T an Atlantic rolleyes.gif 263093_10150318183006201_595006200_9668632_717098_n.jpg


Now don't let the size fool you....this fish was VERY significant! As a general rule....when we're together, Bicephalic catches the first fish....and I get the bigger fish biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif To sweeten the deal, I had a spoon on that I "borrowed" from his box...you know what happened next..... whistling.gif




And this time he didn't get away...




Great night on the water....going to be hard not to buy up a bunch of spoons now....and maybe a boat....blush.gif


Lookin forward to the next time thumbsup_anim.gif

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