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2 Day report lake Ontario

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Spent Day 2 and 3 of my holidays the same as day 1. Trolling out off Oakville trying to find some big silver fish. After Day 1's shaker-fest I wasn't to optimistic that all of a sudden a whack of 20+ lb salmon would all of a sudden show up. Started day 2 with my new camera (which I somehow messed up the white balance - enjoy the blue!!)



Started back in 140 FOW with my fav lure spread, NK's on the riggers and Dream Weaver's on the sliders. Kept the black/green and pink theme going but nothing was moving. I recently pcked up some silver fox lures and decided to throw that down on the slider. Took 2 quick shaker salmon and then this nice suprise. I have hardly ever picked up browns out in the lake. Nice little tubby guy.




Was pretty dead on the inside water so a south troll took me out to 250 FOW to try for some bows. One boat followed me out and as we passed each other rods fired in both boats.

Nice 27"



Other boat must have gotten a good one as they still were fighting it as I was setting rods back up. Looks like the dipsey rod fired so must have had some line out.



It was a nice steady pick for the next 3 hours landing 8 more respectable bows up to 5-6 lbs and the odd shaker mixed in. Still can't hook up a big one though.



One that wouldn't sit still for a picture



It got real rough out there later in the day with harsh offshore winds. Got really wet on the ride back in.


Rigger program

42' and 34'

surface temp 64F, temp at 34' was 54F

Slider on both rods - Silver Fox Pink Panties was hot bait


Day 2 - Tuesday

Had all hopes for a bow repeat but wanted to do one pass across to Bronte just to check and see if there was any salmon around. Started right out of Oakville at 6:30 am in 100 FOW and spent the next 2 hours wasting gas. Never saw a mark, never saw a rod move, never heard anything on the radio for catching. It was barren. Several pass by's to other boats yeiled empty arms and big shoulder shrugs. At 8 am it was my que to get out of there. Headed south again and didn't stop till one of my old rainbow way points out in 290 FOW. Figured maybe test out the "almost" blue zone. Put both riggers at 35' with sliders. Within 10 minutes the port rod fires and starts screaming.


Pulled the rod and felt some weight but absolutely no fight. Must be a laker. Got the fish easily to the back of the boat in a few seconds See silver - it's a bow but I think it's dead? Scooped it with the net and it goes beserk. I could hardly hold onto the rod and the net. The hook was in the gills and blood was flying everywhere.

30.5" ands 9.3 lbs on my scale. Had to keep it as one side of the gill was toast




Was a good wait between fish but managed another 6 bows and of course the shaker mix. Had 2x of these come to the boat. Bow on the slider (pink panties again!!) and shaker on the main.




Had to check lines every so often to clear the shakers



Here's the area I worked hard



One last bow and I was spent. Sunburned feet, had the sea legs bad and was getting really hungry. Kept the first bow and 2 other small ones for the smoker.


Have tomorrow off but not sure about how much juice is left in the batteries. Running solo trips is a lot of work. Kind of think I need to go bass fishing now and wait for the big guys to come around later in the summer.


The smoker will be running tomorrow

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Great report and thanks for sharing Paul.


I would say a smoker and a few cold ones are in order.Great job bud.


If your up this way for a bass fish,give a shout.

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Nice fish Steve, looks like it gave a good fight. I haven't been able to turn a bigger chinook yet anywhere out there

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Awesome report, can't believe that little shaker went after that lure, they're almost the same size :o:D

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Great report Paul and nice shootingthumbsup_anim.gif

Most of mine were caught with nothing on the screen and well before seeing a bait ball.

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LIke steve said, last couple times out have been shaker city on spoons, bigger fish having been coming on dipsy/spin doctor/fly for me

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