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Canada Day Long Weekend Report

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I am surprised that I even had time to fish this weekend with all the work that had to be done around the cottage. Friday I pulled my Grandfathers boat out of the garage and put the for sale sign on her. Thank you again for everyone that gave me an idea of what to sell it for, we went towards the higher suggestions.


I did promise some pics of her






I started her up and she ran like a dream, I even tried to keep it :whistling:




In less than 24 hours she sold for more than we wanted and it's only going down the street :thumbsup_anim:


On to some fishing


Saturday evening I hit the water for an hour or so and caught a few pike




I was casting into a beautiful blue sky and turned around to see this




It was a lot worse than it looks. I ran wide open back to the boat house watching lightning all around and made it back safe and sound :worthy:


Sunday morning Jacob wanted to go fishing and I wanted some smallies. Jacob never caught a bass before and managed to catch the 2 biggest of the day. We caught over 25 in 2 hours and it took only 20 minutes to get a limit for my mom's dinner :worthy: It was an amazing morning!


Jacobs first bass






He didn't want to hold the big ones. This and a few more were over 17" and he landed them like a pro! Even was a great net man for me
















and the money shot




Later in the day I even got to hang with Skinny for a bit :whistling:





A busy but very successful weekend that I wish never ended!

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Great report Dan, looks like we should have given Long Point a shot Friday evening!

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Great report Dan. I know what your talking about wit that storm that dark cloud rolled over us and not long after the wind hit hard glad to see you got in ok. That was a nice lightning show last night. Those are soem nice fish.

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