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Please help identify

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      I have never really owned a high quality reel in my life.  The best one I own is a Shimano Symetre for my ice rod.   I have 2 of those Abu Specialist combos that go on sale a CT for 70% off a few times a year.   One is beat up pretty bad, specially since my 6 year olds have been learning to cast with it the last few years.    All of the being said, I have a birthday in October, and have decided to ask the family for no presents, just cash this year.  A good chunk of that mone

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      Hello  I purchased another cowl decal for my outboard as the old one was peeling and flaking  I purchased a new one, which is $125 in the trashcan as I can’t install it myself-bubbles, ripples , wasn’t straight ......im done.  Clearly it’s beyond me to install. i would like to purchase another sticker, but I 100% cannot do it myself.  One of the issues is that it is large, covers 3/4 of a 115hp cowl hood. does anybody know of a marina or installer who could do something like

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      We just moved our trailer to Pigeon Lake and I am looking for some help locating fish. Mostly looking for musky, but have been told the lake doesn't have any. Help with any species is appreciated as I will be taking my son out and would like to hook into something. Thanks

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      Hi folks!  After a trip to Ohio two weeks ago, I have fallen in love with fishing! On land, I caught a bunch of bluegill in a quarry and one snapping turtle (accidentally). I live in Mississauga. My family and I have taken up the hobby and we're having some serious trouble catching anything!  We have an Intex Excursion 5 dinghy with a solid floor and trolling motor. The majority of our fishing is from the dinghy. We've tried the Credit River in Port Credit, Erindale Park on land, the c

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