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Rod Caster

My long weekend resume

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I'll start off by saying I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend safely with no regrets.


For us, the weekend started on thursday afternoon with a last minute plan to find a remote lake to "test" out our new camping gear. The trail leading into the lake was an overgrown mess, so it was a good thing that I brought my trusty and rusty machete. We took it slow and cleared some of the trail on our way. Of course I sent her on-duty a few times.laugh.gif






We arrived at the small lake, no more than 60 Hectares in area, and after clearing the overgrown site, we deployed the equipment. I must remark on how easy the new tents are to set up... for $65 I am very happy so far with this model from CT. A $25 queen sized mattress fits neatly into our shelter and we were ready for a bit of relaxing and canoeing.








This was basically the entire lake... as I said, it was very small. Supposedly this lake and another nearby lake used to hold trout but they disappeared 15 or 20 years ago after cormorants populated the area... now this was told to me by the owner of the only cottage on the other lake. My guess was that they were stocked a few times and the fish never survived. The max depth in these lakes is only 15 to 20 feet and with no significant inflowing or outflowing rivers. To me, these are not natural trout lakes, but I could be wrong.

I caught some nice Jumbos in the spring, but all we caught this time were dinks...and lots of them. It was fun either way and kept us busy. good.gif


The next day we took down our camp, cleaned up and drove to a productive Brookie river. I caught a few decent fish and we swam at some beautiful waterfalls. Sorry no pics of this adventure.


On Saturday, JoeyTier and I fished another small lake as can be seen in his report. http://www.ofncommun...showtopic=55003


Today, I again woke up early and drove to yet another small lake with my little canoe. This time I decided to search for bass. Now I'm definitly not a "bass-guy" but after seeing all those jealousy-inducing bass-opener reports, I got the itch to throw some spinners baits. The trail was once again, pretty rough but my little truck has proven to be quite the workhorse with a canoe on top.






On the first cast I missed a big hit and after that, the little guys did their best imitation of a 2lbs smallmouth.






I eventually found a pattern that got the big guys moving.... ripping the spinnerbait on top of thick weeds. I wish I had my buzzbait with me today as that's what I was basically doing with the spinner. Five bass entered the boat, several came off early and two of them came home to meet Mr. Castiron. I took a break and caught a few rock bass for some freezer stock. Biggest smallmouth was 15.5 inches.






Those rock bass stunk to high heaven when I cleaned them. I mean, I could barely stand it but you should have seen my GF's face. blink.gif Poor girl, I'm still trying to get her to enjoy eating fish...this was a step back. huh.gif


Now it's time for house cleaning, dinner party and baby visiting duties.


I had a great weekend, I hope you did as well!smile.gif

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Nice going Chad :thumbsup_anim:

You had a better weekend than me.... pokadots did not cooperate and so is the lakers :wallbash:

Loved the camping grounds of your setup in the third pic B) Most inviting and great view of the lake :thumbsup_anim:

Thanks for sharing


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Great report Dude !!

Looks like a great time. Ma nature really gave us a great Canada Day weekendclapping.gif

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