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First fishing trip of the year

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Last night my bf asked me if I wanted to go fishing in the morning. Of course I said yes and asked him what time he wanted to head out. He said he wanted to be gone by 6:00 AM so as eager as I was, I went to bed about 1:45 AM and set my alarm for 4:30 AM.


I like a bit of peace and quiet to enjoy my coffee before having to deal with anyone else and I figured he would get up about 5. Finally at 5:39 (yes I was watching the clock) he got up and came downstairs. We had a quick coffee (my second) and left the house by 6:30.


The place we went to is about an hour drive from where we live, but its a nice drive.

We knew the weather network was calling for thunderstorms for the afternoon and figured that since we planned on leaving by then it would work out perfectly. 5 minutes away from our destination, it starts raining.


I told Claude that as long as it isn't thundering & lightning I don't care about a little rain as we have to walk through some water to get to our spot anyway. Wouldn't you know it, just as we park the car thunder & lightning starts! Rain is now pretty heavy as well. He asked me what I wanted to do and I told him I was staying put til the thunder & lightning was done.


About 1/2 an hour later we were able to start the walk to our spot. Not long after we started fishing, Claude reeled in the first fish followed moments later by his second. Eventually I caught 1 as well then nothing else.


I glanced over to where he was sitting and see him holding his rod (1/2 of it anyway) in one hand, his reel in the other and the top portion of his rod missing with a goofy look on his face. Good thing we take only old rods to this spot.


Being the considerate and prepared girlfriend I am, I insist he take my rod and try to catch some more fish. He argued some, until I told him I also brought a book along and didn't mind reading. So he tried, but I guess the fish decided they had had enough and stopped biting after that. At least we got a couple though. His 2 were bigger than my 1, but thats ok, since I shared my rod, he's going to share his fish...not that he has any other choice LOL.



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Great report, and very nice of you to let Claude use or rod after his had a malfunction :)


Are those trout?

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