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Pike/Musky Recap and a Week of Bass Fishing *PICS & VIDEO*

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Well folks, here we go. I didnt get a chance to do a lot of pike/muskie fishing this season but I still got out a few times and got some good fish. Most of the fish this season were taken on jerkbaits, Strike Zone Swammers and trolling a shallow invader.















Crazy looking tiger muskie






I've been lucky enough to fish every day since opener even if just for a few hours. I fished 2 tournaments in one day on wednesday one from 7-3 on Couchiching where I finished 5th on thwe windiest day I can ever remember fishing in. From 5-9 we had a 15 boat tournament on Cooks Bay that we were able to win despite the wind. We've done a few lakes for bass so far and our best success has come dropshotting Slammers and flipping jigs to shoreline structure

















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Really cool markings on that musky :thumbsup_anim:


You sure got the bass dialed in too :clapping:

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