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first go at a real torney

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Well a buddy called last night saying his partner bailed on him for the lindsay bassmaster open. The famly and I were camping at emily park so he picked me up at 5 and off we went. I had never been on stergon before didn't know it was such a big lake. Thouht we would be able to get a few lots of weeds early morning with frogs boy was I wrong now my partner is a run and gun type fisherman so we moved a lot going to his spots didn't realy give me much of a chance to fish my way but his boat and his money who paid to get in. All and all ended up with one bass that I think may have need the fish strecher to get to the 13 inch min lol he caught it. Had a blast of a day its differant fishing with a goal not just to have a fun day on the water. If any members were there we didn't sstick around afterwards as I had to get back to camp what was the winning weight.

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It was a tough day on the water today. We were out on Buckhorn for about 7 hours, can't say we caught any that were 13". :wallbash:

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