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    • Samsung tv power on issue NF

      The tv is 5 yo. Works great. All of a sudden got an issue with the power on. Takes a bit to finally get it on. Unplug,plug back in numerous times. Have to use the push button on the side of the tv. Oh and the converter works ( once the tv comes on ), so it,s not the batterys.   I really think this is a easy fix, but thought I would ask all my friends here first if any one else has had this problem and if they got it fixed. Really don't have a grand to burn on a new tv. Ya theres cheaper ones out

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    • Muskie Reel Issue - Help

      Bought a used Abu C4 left handed version for my son.    Although it technically used, it was only used once and the owner hated using a baitcaster and dumped it.    It's spooled with PowerPro and it looks like it was never in the water.   For some reason, it's a little difficult to crank. I took it apart to check lubrication and when I took off the right side plate, it reeled smoothly.  Looks well-lubricated.  When I put the side plate back on, it's tough to retrieve again.  If I loosen the scre

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    • Garmin EchoMap 95 first crappy issue

      They say to always look for the fine print in anything you buy. https://www8.garmin.com/maps/onthewater/newchartguarantee/ Notice in the small print at the bottom only ¹Limit 1 free update per device or card. New Chart Guarantee valid within 12 months of purchase. I purchased the EchoMap Chirp in Early April read the instructions follow the updates.. Now less that 3 months on there is a new Map update please pay $77.00 ..  No details that I can find on what is in the update. At le

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    • Ski doo grand touring starting issue

      Im not a sled person but my brother in law is having some issues.  Carb was cleaned and new gas.  It starts sometimes but wont stay running.  He was saying something about a des switch.   I know this isnt a lot of info but any thoughts?   Could it be des kill switch? I know there are some sled guys here so thought i would throw it out there.   Thanks

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    • Minor Bug Issue

      Seems I hit a bug on my recent trip. Anyone know how to get it off? Sand blast or just go with C4?  

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