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Planning to get the grandson out

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Lucas will be three in July. I have decided that he is getting to the age where it's time for grandpa to do his level best to get him into fishing. Mudcats where always plentiful back home in the Grand through Fergus and I spent lots of time catching them. And nothing is simpler for a child. They are willing biters and if they are around in numbers you can have a blast. A worm on a jighead under a float and you are good to go.


I am located in Oshawa now and having not grown up in this area I have never looked for Mudcats around here. I have a spot up on Simcoe south of Orillia that usually starts anytime soon and goes into May...but I'm not to sure how the little guy will handle the 3 hour round trip in the car. So I'm hoping someone who knows Durham can point me in the right direction to give this a try closer to home...say 30-40 minutes tops from Oshawa.


Any help would be great. PM me if you wanna keep it off the board.


Thx to all that reply and Happy Easter :thumbsup_anim:

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Used to take my daughter down to Newcastle harbour in July and August and we would get perch and sunfish down by the boat launch and mudcats up casting across to the entrance to the marina.Also the last last hole on Oshawa Creek below Simcoe Street,not sure how early they are in there.

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