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Open water walleye fishing SOON

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The satellite pics show there is plently of ice 2/3 on Lake St. Clair and some in Lake Huron which means walleye fishing is just around the corner. I usually get the boat in the first weekend of April and this yr is shaping up to be on schedule. Fishing is usually a bit slow to start but a good chance to land a trophy. As the water warms and mid April rolls in so does the action. Most of the shows that you have seen on TV with good action have taken place from April 15-30th. At this time of yr you will have walleyes in all stages of the spawning process and the river will have a million or so walleyes to catch.

Remember to fish smart and practice selective harvest.

Erie Satellite2.jpg

Langlois walleye.jpg

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Looks like you got your NW winds Ryan.

Bubbles with all that ice I think it will be more like two wks April 2 but I have been wrong before..

Mark that was fun fishing together that day and others.. lol Have you learned how to make ballon animals HAHA. Let me know I have some days off during the wk we good get out.

For those looking to make the trip south it is about 3.5 hrs from the Big Bass store in Vaughan to the marina.

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