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Vance's Resort Spanish River

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I went for the 1st time Last Year - roughly around the same time you are going.


Service: EXCELLENT - People there are VERY friendly, especially "MOM" (I forgot what her name was? hahaha - but people told me to call her Mom!)


Guides: Terry was who took me out. Funny Dude! :) Give him a few beers, he'll treat ya well! LOL! :)


Overall Rating: 10/10

Reason: Just had a great experience overall - VERY relaxing and no troubles with anything while I was there! :)


PS: BRING A CAMERA! :) Lots of Photo-Opportunities around!

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tell ya what if vance's resort is in vance's bay, i consistantly caught the biggest walleye of my trip last year in the weed beds around the islands there. 8-12 fow worm harness on a bottom bouncer trolled sloowwwwww produced some absolute pigs, but if you want numbers jig the reefs out on the main lake.

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