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First ice ! With Some HUGE Northen Pike.

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Snowed for 2 days none stop up in the wakefield hillz!




Met the Boyz at TIMz! and off we went.



monster pike hunt.


I was the lucky one.... :lol:




The plan was in the back of my head since late fall.


i found the mother load of a pike hot spot. There territory.


Every pike lake has one spot where they school up .


Find it and you will be in HEAVEN! :D


I brake the ice With a 8.8 lbs pike.


DOHS.. (dead on hook set) but i didnt cry for long... SUPPER! :P








The day went out like this.


Every 15 minutes a pike would hit a line.


Back and forth it was . Me then ROB then rob... then me ,rob then ROB!


It Was Insanity!


This is how you set a hook.... King Kong style!







Check this out SON!




Isnt this the most amazing shot youv ever seen?


Then ROB takes the stand...... FISH ON!


This guy was a HAPPY man beating his PB thrice!




BACK IT UP MAN! too tight! :lol:






After landing his first .. ROB gets the brilliant idea to put a sucker minnow on a buck shot........... i was like WHAT THE :shock:


Fish on!




He pulled this fatty out....... :shock:


Today was my first day ice fishing and it was a HECK of a day.


Here are a couple of extras!




Love the loomis on this shot!..


never play with your food ?









And none the less..... LE BRRRACKET!




Nothing like safe ice sunny day and a HELL of a day pike fishing!


Today i was lucky enough to have my good friend Rob with me.


This guy has a SWEET blog all anglers should check out!


For tip and techniques , what to look for when pike fishing.


anything and everything. just pure knowledge!






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Now I know why I don't catch them huge pike when I fish up North....Y'all caught them all before I get their... Nice fishin




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As always A big thanks ta all the great fisherman on this site for such positive feedback!!


now that im back on the ice you will be seeing more reports from me.


stay tooned. :)

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Super awesome! Always look forward to seeing your reports....I asume htis is the same heavenly lake that yields pike and hawg smallies all year :D


I also like the tip-up brrracket.....got any more pics on that setup? I'm curious as to how the bolt is fastened to the rod



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