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Simcoe Perching Today

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A buddy and I were out on Simcoe today. Hit the ice late (bout 9:30). Fished 6-7 inches of ice over 24-27 FOW and at one point had to turn the flasher off cause i couldn't even see my tube jig the screen was so lit up(like a Christmas Tree). There were fish throughout the water column with some hitting a foot or two under the ducer. Ball parking 120+ perch for the day with 8 fish in the 11-13 inch range. Some were caught on Minnows but meal of the day was a small Chartreuse Jig Head tipped with a Dark/Light Green Micro Tube. Tooo busy setting hooks to take pics on the ice (maybe next time) and besides, I found a good home for them on the way back so I wouldn't have to clean them( np Mom, it was my pleasure). hehehe. Back at it next week. Cheers.





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