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Yes as you can see,gone back to my old name and it is fitting. :canadian:


Plan today was to hook up with Andy and do some icefishing on Simcoe. After reading Chucks report I was alittle weary,but it,s not like I havent fishing on 3-4 iches of ice before. We arrive 7am getting loaded up and off we head. Walk out about 50 ft and spud.Andy says ram that spud.I do and nothing,he says do it again, :w00t: through. Now first I should tell ya the spud I made was a thin blade and very sharp and when I rammed it down,there was some power behind it. So walk another 10 ft ram that bar hard and in it goes. Andys thinking ,well I cant type what he said here,but chucks ears must of been burning.LOL j/k

So I took over dragging the boggan and Andy took over the chip and step. I followed behind not to close,but close enough to get to him if something were to happen. we got out another 100 ft and the ice seemed to be getting thicker.So comfort was sitting in,more or less. :whistling: On our way out we could see the are where Chuck had went in,it was very viable even with the coat of powder snow. Andy wasnt comfortable about heading to his mark,so we just headed out to were the guys before us were. Once we got out it was game time.

Shot of the morning rise.




I spud a hole and get my line down as quick as I could. It was great being out.Temps were -6 with a slight brezze from the south.It wasnt long and I had a fish on.70fow and I bring up a decent perch.A perch? Back it the hole it went.Andy yells,no more fish for you,you should of kept it.Superstition.Back down went the williams hammered 1/2/&1/2 and tick,fish on,another perch.Good size so kept it.





Andy was very impressed. :ninja:




The wind was starting to pick up a bit so Andy put up the pop up.Thinking I may get one of these,as you just put in on your back like a backpack.No dragging.




After about an hour Andy says come on in and chat.So drills me a hole and we chat and jig watching the vex (another item I will be purchasing,thier amazing)Later in my report you,ll know why if you dont have one. Andys shows me what to look for and shows me a new way of jigging a williams. I start doing as shown and watch the vex.Big red come up,I feel wieght and pull,Misfish.Bring it up and theres scale.Cant eat that.LOL So after about 3 hours we move in closer.Good call.


Make a couple of holes and set the vex up. Andy asks if I just raised my lure I said yeah,he says theres a fish looking at it.Droppedback lightly lift,weight,pull,Misfish. LOLRusty I guess. Andy marking fish on the bottom gets a hit. Ah it,s just a perch,I say I dont think so.Ah maybe it,s a herring,I dont think so.




Light rod 4 pound test,and Andy lands a nice whitie.




I missed 2 other hits. :dunno:


It was time for Andy and I to get off the ice,but stopped about half way back,Andy wanted to check the depth. Drilled and decided to drop a bait down the hole. Now here the thing I loved about the vex. Andy fished I just watch the machine. A fish would come in,Andy would raise the bait and the it would show the fish coming up to hit the lure.This worked 4 times in about a 3 minute span.4 very respective perch I might add aswell. Very cool.



Cant wait to get out again,it was very refreshing .


Thanks bud for asking me out.Always a pleasure.

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Guest gbfisher

great report


and great to see you getting out there


can't wait to get a whitefish this year



Hey Terry...I figure if we fish for Perch we'll catch just as many whitefish as anyone else out there. I kept the waypoints. You need a GPS as well Brian...lol

There were a few people talking about catching around us with in ear shot.

I sure hope there's MORE ICE come Sunday!!!.... :blink:

Cya on Sunday.....MISFISH!!!.....hehehe....

You did catch the first fish and roll a couple more before I hit one. :worthy:

Was good to get the rust out at least.

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I,ll be out Sat and sun bud.



And I must add aswell.




You might want to practice fishing in the freezer before your next trip...I'm just saying. :whistling:




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Guest gbfisher

WTG me brudder! I'm happy for you. As for Andy, well, I guess he's better than having to go out there alone. :D



Think maybe Adam is joining us on Sunday. There will be at least 5 of us or more.

So Brian will have others to talk to instead of listening to me all morning... :tease:

More hands to pull the unfortunate ones out of the drink.... :good:

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i always thought you were supposed to take the people you didnt like hunting and call it an accident ...but now that the ice conditions are unstable ... Andy seems to have expanded his sacrificial pool of friends ....or are they ??? :tease:


Nice report Misfish and nice pics too...mornin rise is awesome... :clapping:


TO ALL YOU NUTS THAT ICE FISH i say three words




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Hey Misfish, glad to have you back buddy :thumbsup_anim:


Great report and good information about the ice. I don't think I want to chance it out there just yet. Maybe another week of cold temps for my chicken arse :lol:


Set that hook will ya!!



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Nice shootin.



PS I love watching my vex and getting fish to chase. You should see how fast a laker can chase a bait. It is like playing video games.

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Thx for the report Brian. I will be there next weekend. I'm gonna give it another week. Perch on Couch have been way to co-operative :) and I find the 10 plus inches of ice that much more reassuring.


Those vex's are fun aren't they. Just started using mine last winter...got it 3 years ago :wallbash: Now I can't leave it at home. It will definitely help you catch more fish...but it is also entertaining as well.

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Well now that you changed your name back, I think it is time to give everyone here a little refesher on the history of the name "Misfish"! :whistling:


Good to be back on the ice eh Brian? Now if you would just get a portable, and a sled and a....


Lets hook up this winter, I have a few new spots marked on the GPS that we should try.


Rob C

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