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    • Shame shame on you!

      what Fantino has done to our vets is totally inexcuseable.These are the people that offer up their lives to protect all of of ours and this great country of ours.This is the ultimate sacrifice anyone can make. All while his boss gallavants around the world handing out millions of our tax $ to other countries and groups.This is disgraceful and shameful. Had to get this rant out of me

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    • The shame of Randle Reef

      The shame of Randle Reef Politics derail cleanup of the harbour   March 15, 2010 James Howlett / The Hamilton Spectator     It is the stuff that nightmares are made of. Toxic muck on the bed of our harbour known as Randle Reef -- and no one plans to move it.   Above the harbour is a hope-withering muck of politics, bureaucracy, apathy, and lies. It is "Randle Mountain" -- and no one plans to move it either.   The reef was the intentional dumping of toxic fill using dump barges and cl

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    • shame shame...sorry guys

      Ok so i was fishing the south shore of nipissing last year and forgot to show some of the pics form the trip going again in 3 months with my family so excited!!so heres just a few pics form the trip of what i caught ill upload more later

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