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    • Marina That Can Replace Rivets

      Hi Folks,   Can anyone recommend a good place in the GTA that can take apart the decking on my boat and replace 7 missing rivets? They might also need to place some of the floor boards.   I am willing to drive a couple of hours if necessary in order to have a good job done.   Thanks!   Warren

      in General Discussion

    • Where can I find bass today?

      Usual summer spots, like wood and any other structures do not produce much. I am blind on my yak, no fish finder, no maps available. What would be best spots to find them? Some of my lakes are deep, mostly rocky. Just a few good vegetation spots on them. 

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    • What lures can i fish in early fall around lots of weeds.

      Hi there, I fish a spot were there are lots of weeds and usually fish topwater to avoid the weeds, is there any thing i can fish around weeds in fall when the fish aren't biting topwater.   Thanks.

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    • You can't get here from there

      Well you can but it's a trip lol. Couldn't do it without my son for a guide, he does all the heavy stuff (I use to take him fishing, now he takes me )?. Left my son's place early Sunday morning on our ATVs with all our gear for a 15 km trip, beautiful day light wind, it had rained the night before so trails were nice for riding (not too much dust) .  This is one of countless little back lakes we like to fish, because it's kind of out of the way not many people bother with it.. We usual

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    • Can bass get familiar with the same topwater frog.

      Hey there,   Lately I have been throwing alot of topwater frogs, i don't have a boat so i fish this spot very often, and i was wondering if they can get accustomed to seeing the same frog over and over knowing that it's a lure. Because when i started to fish topwater at this spot the fish would just come up and kill the thing over and over, now i can hardly get a blowup. Just wondering if they do that or if any of you have had this happen. I was thinking of getting a different type of

      in General Discussion

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