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BC Ice Fishing Report

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I've fished for Cutthroat Trout on the fly rod and the pin. They are one of the most aggressive trout and almost guarantee the "skunk" doesn't rear its nasty face around these parts. They literally smash your baits with reckless abandonment.


So hitting the ice for the first time here in BC, I had high expectations of constant action through the hard stuff. But boy what a difference the cold weather seemed to make.


The Cutties now would literally nibble at my line and were stealing my bait over and over despite using some of the smallest Steelhead hooks in my arsenal. Initially I would try and set the hook at the first bite. After failing to set the hook on at least a dozen fish, I tried letting them nibble for longer - sometimes for up to 10 seconds at a time. I fared slightly better hooking a few only to have them pop off within a couple of seconds.


Since letting them sample my bait for extended periods of time was working a tad better, I stuck with it and finally managed to land a few. They still, however, beat me at a rate of about 4 to 1! Better luck next time I guess. Hopefully the next time will also bring what I'm really looking for: a Bully!




My first Cuttie through the ice.




And a few more.









To my surprise I also got a couple of Whitefish. As usual they were also light biters.









And to put the icing on the cake my girlfriend Jessica outperformed me with this nice sized Cutty. This one joined us for dinner to celebrate.





At least the view was nice as I lost all those fish!





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Great report!


I also get outfished by "her indoors" when she joins me.


Never even heard of a cutty until this report,


thanks for sharing.



(and i thought i lived in a beautiful part of the world)

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sweet report bro!


all the reports are really making me want to flop my vacation in feb and just join you in BC!

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Thanks guys for the comments.


Look forward to seeing some pics and vids from you Limey!


And Kelfun I'm also waiting for that big Laker thru the ice!

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Looks like paradise out there Jet B)

Sounds like you have them cutties pretty well figured out :thumbsup_anim:

Thanks for sharing your time on the hard stuff :clapping:


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Currently saving up for my plane ticket :thumbsup_anim:


...And a new 9ft 5wt Sage Z-axis for cutties, 11ft 8wt Sage Z-axis switch for the bullies and a bunch of steelhead tackle for a side trip to the coast :D


Can we have cutthroat sashimi if I catch one? LOL

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