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Canadian made, let's make a list

Dave Bailey

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I intimated in another thread that I was going to post a list of all the fishing tackle manufacturers I know of that are still making their products in Canada, so here goes. Feel free to add your own, but I want 'all Canadian' only; owned, situated, and manufactured. If you know that some I've listed are not as such then let me know and I'll remove them. If they're bold and underlined there's a web link.

Terminal tackle



Xzonelures, formerly StrikeZone Tournament Baits, maker of the SLAMMER!


Redwing Tackle

Lucky Strike Baitworks, dare I say, a legend in Canadian fishing?

Lyman Lures

Gibbs Fishing Tackle

Brecks Williams Wablers

Thompson-Pallister Bait Co.. Is there any among you who haven't got a Five-O-Diamonds?

Lindquist Bros. Canadian Wiggler manufacturer.

Bass Magnet Lure Company

WaterWolf Lures

http://www.bighitlures.com/'>Big Hit Lures Formerly NorthAm Fishing Tackle

Hot Spot Lures

Dadson Blade Baits

Torpedo Divers

Dog River Lodge Lure Company

Mackinnon Tackle

Blackfly Lures

Avery's Tackle


Jim's Jigs

Release-Me Baits

Lightning Series Lures

Nitro Lures

D&D Lures


Huskie Muskie Leaders

Double Loon Spinners

2R's Bucktails

Brett's Baits

Rock Star Lures

Set the Hook

Jiggernaut Tackle

HANDLEBARZ Musky Fishing Lures

Ko-Man-Chi Spinnerbaits

Bare Bones Baits muskie lures

Hangbelly Lures

CL Fishin

Angler's Choice Hand poured plastics and more


http://www.yetifish.com/'>Yetifish Custom musky spinners, hair jigs, and a wide variety of multi-species flies


http://www.imperiumbaits.com/'>Imperium Baits Soft plastics from Collingwood, Ontario


http://www.bakersbaits.webs.com/'>Baker's Baits Baker's Baits, Napanee, Ontario


http://www.deadlydicklures.com/'>Deadly Dick Lures Deadly Dick Lures


http://www.caribou.ca/'>Caribou Lures Caribou Lures, makers of Jig-A-Jo lures.


https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nibbles-plastic-bait-co/304172546380621?ref=stream&hc_location=timeline'>Nibbles Plastic Bait Nibbles Plastic Bait


Bruce's Tacklebox, beautiful handmade lures.


Baitrix Baitrix, the natural alternative

Swamp Donkee baits - Email

Woodie Baits - Email

Custom Muskie Baits, contact gone_fishin by PM through this board

Leechman's lures

ugli boys baits

Woodie Musky baits

J & T Tackle (North Bay)


Gullrock Tackle

Rods and reels

Islander Fishing Reels

John Milner Reels

John Spahr Reels

RSG Custom Reels

Scotty Downriggers

The Rod Glove

Backwoods Premium Rods


JC Custom Tackle Hand-made custom rods

Riverkeeper Custom Float Reels. email: Robb Marquette

Spiel Custom Rods, no web site, but may be contacted through this board.

Alan Taylor reels

Boats and boat products

Naden Boats Made in Temagami, Ontario

Giesler Boat Builders

Harbercraft Boats

Stanley Boats

Princecraft Boats

Alumarine Boats


http://harwoodwatercraft.com/'>Harwood Water Craft Custom made wooden boats

Alex Milne Associates Inc., boat care products.


http://www.rockgard.com/ContactUs/tabid/160/Default.aspx'>RockGard Protective screens for trailers


http://www.trailertux.com/'>Trailer Tux Similar to above product

Canoes & kayaks

Scott Canoes

Langford Canoes

Nova Craft Canoes

Swift Canoe and Kayak

Bear Mountain Boat Shop, Wooden canoes and small boats

Headwaters Canoes

North Woods Canoe Company

Hurley Canoe Company Canoe builders and restorers

Bearwood Canoe Company

Dempster Boats

Carrying Place Canoe and Boatworks

ClearWater Design Canoes & Kayaks

Fletcher Canoes

Buckhorn Canoe Company Formerly Headwater Wooden Boat Shop

Holy Cow Canoe Company

Green Valley Boat Works Plans for home builders

The KiJiK Canoe Company

Lost in the Woods Boatworks

Old Delta Canoeworks

Paluski Boats

Roy Allman canoes

Souris River Canoes

Spencer Canoe Company

Temagami Canoe Company

Voyageur Canoe

Wood River Canoe Company Traditional birchbark canoes

Sportspal Canoes

Kettlewell Paddles


http://www.h2ocanoe.com/'>H2O Paddlesports Inc. Canoes


http://www.badgerpaddles.com/paddles/Welcome.html'>Badger Paddles Hand crafted in Ontario


http://www.beach-marine.com/index.shtml'>Beach Marine Canoes, kayaks, and pedal boats, made in Hamilton, Ontario


Grohmann Knives


Adventure Fishing Maps


http://www.backroadmapbooks.com/main/index.html'>Backroad Mapbooks Lots of out of the way places, roads, and fishing info too.


Woodoo Customs Apparel

FishBum Outfitters

Fifty Inch Apparel

Salus Marine PFDs

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