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Budget bass tournament... 75HP and less !

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Hey everyone


I want to get into competitive bass fishing. But I only have a small aluminum and limited FUNDS/TIME ! So I was thinking of organizing a small 75HP and under bass tourney.

Open to any age group... I dont know if it should be a single angler entry or a team entry ??? what do you think ? I only wanted to make it a $50 entry to keep it in the budget for most people !!!

It can be any style of boat, just a max of 75 horse power.

3 fish limit / Big fish pot ($10)... Bass only

Fish must be alive at weigh in which means your boat has to have some sort of livewell rigged up... a bucket with an aeroater would make a good livewell... and with only a 3 fish limit... it doesnt have to be huge


We can do a 7am-noon or....3pm-dark.. time limit ??? or even a full day, 7am-2/3 PM ??? Im not sure.. I guess i need feedback on that.

I dont want to make this a PRO style tournament.... just something for the smaller boat guys and girls to get out and enjoy some competitive fishing.

I wanted to make this on opening day in Rondeau Bay, I do not think there is any other tournaments going on in Rondeau opening weekend !


Well what does everyone think ????? any comments suggestions are welcome....


My phone number is 519-365-0127 ...shoot me a txt or give me a call for information.



Thanks .....Tyler

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to each his own but I can not understand the facination with tournament fishing, I find getting out for a couple of hours in the morning or evening very relaxing and enjoyable.I would think that being under the gun to catch a fish would be just the opposite.

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