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Bruce Peninsula National Park - Cyprus Lake

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Hey Guys,


I'm heading to Bruce Peninsula National Park in a weeks time and will be camping @ the Cyprus Lake location.


I've tried to do some research online, but couldn't find much information. My question is, what kinds of fish

can I expect to catch in that lake? It looks pretty shallow based off of Google Maps; Satellite view. I'm just

trying to figure out ahead of time what to bring (trying to avoid bringing a lot of gear). Bass season is open

by that time, isn't it?


Anyway, If anyone could help provide some additional information, I would greatly appreciate it.


Thanks in Advance,



PS: HERE is a link from Google Maps.

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There are no gas motors allowed on cyprus but on adjoining Cameron there is. The lake water is very clear so I would suggest light line and smaller baits. We had good luck with smallies on leeches.Walleyes we managed a few on live bait in the evening,most of them were 12-14 inches.If you have a canoe bring it if not I think you can rent them from the camp on Cameron. I know they rent boats,I rented one from them a few years ago.Overall a real nice park with some great hiking trails. There is another part of the park farther up the highway,there is a small stream that runs through it and it was full of brookies,a small hook and small worm will do wonders,but watch out for the rattlers.

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It's a nice campground and lake, but they won't let you party much. The scenery is great and so is the hiking as the bruce trail runs through it. As far as the fishing goes, following the bruce trail east will lead you to a chain of lakes that are a little more secluded. But it's a bit of a hike. You can also pick up the trail from Crane Lake Rd if you don't mind leaving the campground. If you're gonna hike definitely get the Bruce Trail Reference Guide.


Hope this helps

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I've spent days fishing out of Tobermory and not caught anything (not unusual for me).

Checkout all the perch lurking under the boats at the harbour. We'd catch enough for a meal, in a matter of minutes. Depending on where your campsite is and what you're packing with you, it could take up to 45 minutes to hike out to the Grottos, but well worth the hike.

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I went there last year for camping at the end of August.

Cypress Lake, very very shallow water, can't really cast from shore because theres no fish, mostly clear water and sand. It seemed like a beach designated shore line area.


Try walking along the shores around the lake, maybe it gets deeper.


I was bummed out because theres no spot that I know of to fish cypress lake from shore since it was my first time.

The weather was terrible that weekend! Thunderstorm and wind! I wanted to fish near the grotto, but the water was very violent with waves thrashing along the shore.


Apparently 3 people died from drowning that weekend.


Anyways, enjoy your trip!

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Was at Cyprus Lake last August with my girlfriend, I left my gear at home because I heard that without a boat you won't get much catching done. A beautiful park, a very very beautiful piece of the world up there. The hiking is top notch. Watch out for rattle snakes. The water in Cyprus is erie, I went for a dip a couple times and it's like a desert lake, it seems as if nothing is living in the water, not a lot of plant life etc.


We ventured into Tobermory a few times, we stopped for some fire wood at a house along the road and my god, I swore I was in the movie Deliverence. That creeped me out too. Anyway fishing or no fishing, you will have a great time. The grotto is cool, but always packed with people, and the water is freezing!

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Sorry guys, but what is this "Grotto" you guys are speaking of??

Can anyone show me a link on google maps?


PS: The link I provided in the beginning; is roughly where our campground is located. FYI

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Hello Fellow Addicts,


I am expected to head up there again in Aug. - Last time I was there, I remember seeing LOTS OF ACTIVE CRAYFISH (evening) appearing from under the rocks @ Cyprus Lake (White/Greyish in colour). I will certainly be giving a hand at trying to replicate Crayfish... and maybe even take along some inline spinners, and perch like baits.




Are there any special regulations I should be aware about in terms of fishing @ Cyprus Lake? (ie: Fish Limits etc? baits? etc..)?

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As a national park, fishing is subject to the National Parks of Canada Fishing Regulations.


For tackle:


17. No person shall, when fishing in park waters, use

  • (a) more than one fishing line;

  • (b) a fishing line having more than one artificial fly or other type of bait;

  • (c) a fishing line having an artificial fly to which is attached any live or dead natural bait;

  • (d) a fishing line having any combination of hooks capable of catching more than one fish at a time;

  • (e) a fishing line having more than one type of lure;

  • (f) a lure having more than

    • (i) two single hooks,

    • (ii) two gang-hooks, or

    • (iii) one single hook and one gang-hook;

  • (g) a gang-hook having more than three hooks; or

  • (h) a lead sinker or lead jig that weighs less than 50 g.

I didn't see anything specific to the Bruce Peninsula National Park, but that's not to say I did a particularly thorough job of looking through the act. You can go through it yourself here: http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/C.R.C.,_c._1120/

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