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Thank you for the heads up Wayne

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I made the trek to New Liskeard this morning to the estate sale that Wayne had brought up here a couple weeks back.

Among the many outboards and thousands of other items I came home with the nicest engine at the sale.

A 1958 Johnson 18 HP in very good condition. Even the applique on the front of the hood is clear and not cracked.

And a bonus I wasn't expecting until I seen it. It's an electric start.

I'm as happy as a pig in ****. :D

I'll check out the coils and replace the water pump this week and maybe change it over to a single line fuel tank.

I can't wait to give it a try.

Thank you again Wayne!

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Anytime my friend. Great to be able to help out two friends at once... that doesn't happen very often....the deceased and the lively happy camper!!


Walter was a GREAT guy... he'd be really happy to know that it's you Bernie, part of the Giesler family, that has it now !


We've gotta thank Leah for the original information as well.. lol


What else did you buy Bernie.. I'm kinda glad I couldn't attend.. lol

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There was a lot of stuff there Wayne.

Picked up some odds and ends but restrained from buying more.

There were a couple of other outboards I was interested in but a lightning storm complete with hail came over just as I finished the buy on the 18.

Quickly loaded up my prize into the truck and headed home, satisfied. :good:

My dad will be happy more space won't be needed in the shed too.

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