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2 HP Evinrude Question

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Hey Fellas,


I finally bought a outboard, its an evinrude 2 hp serial number 27020 C 54251


I have no idea what year it is, what type of mix it takes, how to get it to work and what not. The guy i bought it from used it on an inflatable and was selling it for his son. There was a language barrier so i was unable to get much info regarding the motor out of him.


Now for the questions, i need to know what year it is. Where i can get an owner's manual, how do i get it to start what sort of things should i do to it to make sure it isn't the worst investment of my life. The thing looks very clean and nice, and the guys son bought it brand new (apparently) so i am guessing she can't be too old.


All the wiring the paint is relatively mint too.


I pulled at the cord the prop didn't turn (maybe its not supposed to) but something was making noise under the cover.


When i twisted the prop it was a lil hmm under greased :S sorta hard to turn but not really ?


Anyway turning the prop made some poping noise come from the top part of the unit o i am guessing everything is hooked up, so with every one complete rotation some weird popping sounds is emitted from the top end.


What else..Like general info on what i should do now.. I want to see it run, i want to know the type of mix it needs gas plus oil. Umm how i could tune her up myself, and one last question.


I went on the ontario transportation something site and they said any pleasurecraft which utilized a motor above 10 HP needed a boatrs card, now i plan to get a card anyway. But i just wanted to be sure, is this correct or would i need a boaters card even for say like an 18 Lb thrust trolling motor LOL


Thanks a bunch guys


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