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Lake O report

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I had my first opportunity to go out on Lake O yesterday thanks to a new good buddy and his 28ft Baja with great results. First fish hit in the first 10 mins, my buddy scored this brute!! Wasn't long and I was up, hooked into my biggest King to date. Ran me for 300 feet of line and took the better part of 20 mins to land, my arm is still sore, but that didn't stop us!!!


Back up to bat after a few more nice kings and I was hooked up again, this time my biggest Rainbow to date...WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO...sorry was flash backing to what was an awesome day yesterday!!!


All said and done we went 12 for 14 in about 6 hours, and to the victors go the spoils...a few beauty's for the BBQ and Smoker!!!


Big shout out to my Boy Tom :worthy::thumbsup_anim::worthy: for a wicked day, anybody interested in a Lake O charter PM me for the details, hes a very knowledgeable angler with a fantastic boat and gear. :Gonefishing:

speerzy\'s King.jpg


my rainbow.jpg

the spoils.jpg

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Looks like a great day out on the water. Enjoy the BBQ'd fish, mmmmmmm!! Don't forget lemon and fresh dill!!



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