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Hey it's Lew o'clock, Good Morning Lew.........

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Good Morning Lew and gang,


Well I was just brought back to land to day by an air taxicab from an offshore rig in the Bass Strait between Australia and New Zealand. I audit and inspect off shore drilling rigs hopefully preventing the sort of disaster that is going on right now in the Gulf of Mexico. It is winter right now in New Zealand with temperatures hitting +5 Celcius and there is snow on Taranaki Mountain. As many of you know I have not been on OFC for sometime now due to the fact that I’m not sure what country I will be in next and you would think that I have time to fish. I work 6 months of the year and off for 6 months so maybe this year I will be able to attend a few OFC functions. Unfortunately we are not allowed to fish from the rigs as it would be fun ly there are some whales and sharks around the rigs and they normally look for the sea lions that hang around there. It seems the rigs are cover for bait fish and that attracts the sea lions in turn attracting sharks etc. I unfortunately missed a photo op with a great white at the rig and once the rig started drilling the noise scared the sharks away and attracted more sea lions, they’re not dumb they knew they were safe then.


Here is a pic of a rig similar to the one that I just left.




Here is a pic I took of our taxicab dropping other employees.




Here is a couple of pics of the playful sea lions in the area.






This pic was given to me and it is Taranaki Mountain and I would have taken the pic but the mountain is in a cloud and it is over cast today as well.




Well that is all for now and as soon as I can get our fishing trips organized back In Australia I will be pleased to post pics. I am hoping that I can do this before I get back home to Ontario.


Best regards,

Sam from the land down under.

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Hey Sam, good mornin to you, or in your case, good evening.


WOW, your sure living a different life than you were a couple years back up here but it sounds like your really enjoying yourself !! Oil rigs, sharks & sea lions....that's a long ways from Quinte :lol:


My son helped build the big Hybernia oil rig in Newfoundland years ago and always said it was a job he was proud to work on.


Those oil rig workers have a tough job and it's terrible what's happening in the gulf so hopefully you can help keep yours safe.


Gimme a call when you get home Sam, maybe we can go out for a musky or 2. Not exactly what you've been used to lately, but still lotsa fun :D


Good hearing from you again Sam and don't be a stranger !!

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Hi Sam, sounds like you are having fun down under. Great photo's! I had an uncle who worked on the rigs in the North Sea so I used to get lots of first hand info on what it was like.

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