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My Canoe Cart

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I seen some neat home made canoe carriers while browsing the net. I have been looking for a way to be able to bring all the gear and canoe to the water in one shot, for when I am solo (99% of the time), so I built one last night out of scrap 2x3's and pcs of plywood I had. Just had to pick up the two tires from Canadian Tire and the 5/8" steel rod at Home Hardware.


If there was any success to today's outing, it was the canoe cart, it worked great. Unloaded canoe from the van and placed it on the cart. Loaded all my gear into it and wheeled it all down to the water.


Was even slicker when came time to pull canoe out. Placed the cart under the part of the canoe up on the ground and then just lifted the bow and the cart slid down farther to the pivot point automatically. Then just push down on the bow and pull it out of the water.

Canoe Cart 001 (Large).jpg

Canoe Cart 002 (Small).jpg

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