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Lake Simcoe whities May 23

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Got a visitor from UK and had to get him into some Simcoe fish....early start....even the littlest one was on board....






.......some on my team couldn't take it for very long:




Still managed full limit on whities for all....missed huge number of fish...most bites on Meegs and some on Williams...got to get some new Meegs from James hope with better hooks...


Lots of flies but still good time by all...


Did an hour of trolling for lakers and got a huge one on....got away breaking my 20 Lbs fluoro leader and took my NK28 lure with it to the deep...oh well...second big laker I am missing trolling Simcoe this year.


Only got those two pictures on the BB, others have the rest on their cameras.



Ice Fisherman

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