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Fishing with my old guy

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Fishing with my old guy

Over the winter I read a book titled, “Fishing with my old guy” by Paul Quarrington. It is a book about a young angler and the fishing relationship he has with an older or should I say “more experienced” fisherman. The book’s theme struck a chord with me and when a more experienced fishing friend invited me out for a day of fishing I literally jumped at the chance.


The plan was to get on the water for a few hours of chasing walleye on a popular Kawartha lake. Locals on this lake repeatedly report it has no fish in it, yet my Old Guy consistently has 30-50 fish days on this lake every spring. Hoping today would be one of those days; we got to the launch around 10 a.m. and drove a short ride to spot number one. After about ten minutes and no walleye to show for our efforts my Old Guy says, “It’s going to be a tough bite today.” We continue fishing this spot and land one small walleye 12-14 inches in length. Off we go to spot number two. Another 30 minutes and another walleye, a bit bigger but nothing too spectacular estimated at 15-16” lost at boat side. Spot three produced one more walleye and an accidental but still impressive 47” muskie.


The walleye pattern held up for the rest of the day, one walleye on each spot we visited, but nothing too spectacular until we got to spot number six. This spot is a big fish spot that was not likely to produce many bites; if we did get a bite it would be a big one assured my Old Guy. On about the third cast he sets the hook into something serious. I look at his rod and it’s bent over almost 180 degrees. Up from the depths comes a massive walleye which we both see about four feet below the surface. I reach down to grab the net from the locker, and pop! off comes this big momma breaking the knot between the mainline and the leader. The image of this monster walleye head shaking about four feet from the surface, and then waddling back to her home will be forever burned into my conscience. Shaken but not broken we stick on this spot for another 45 minutes. I land a small muskie, and my Old Guy lands a nice healthy 23” walleye.




On most days’ landing a 23” walleye on a Kawartha lake would be considered a good day, but we were both still stinging from the estimated seven plus pound walleye that got away. We hit about eight spots over the five hours of fishing and we caught a total of seven walleye; a tough bite but not a bad day. Plans are already in the works to visit this lake again next week, stay tuned...


What worked?

Black/red, black/blue buck tail jigs

Shimano Cumulus rod 6’10 medium power, extra fast action

Shimano Stradic CI4 2500 6.0:1 gear ratio

20 lb Power Pro braided fishing line

Pattern for the day:

Ripping buck tail jigs about two feet off bottom in 8-12 feet of water. Weeds were again important in holding these post-spawn walleye. Also key was water colour; this lake we fished was slightly cloudy with visibility I estimate at about five to six feet.


Weather Conditions:

Mostly Sunny

West winds 10-15 km/h

Water temperatures 56-61 Fahrenheit

Air temperatures reached a high of 22 Celsius

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This title jumped out at me because I JUST started reading Brookies, Browns, and Bows by Paul Quarrington and his "Old Guy" Gord Duval. Seems like a good read for starters and I'm impressed with it.


Good report. I'd jump at that opportunity as well.



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Nice report! If anyone ever said "hey Geoff let's go fish this lake I know the the back of my hand" and can catch a fish or two I would be all over it. So cheers to you and your "Old guy" for getting out.

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Great book, Paul Quarrington was a talented author...Lines on the Water by David Adams Richards is another good one and comparable writing style

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