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some carp action

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Last year I dabbled a bit with Carp. Found the style of fishing rather interesting and was even more intrigued that there was a whole world of tackle out there waiting for this junky to buy. I'm still what the more experienced carpers would call a rookie, and I've learned most things on my own from trial and error. This year I was set on learning a lot more about rigging and presentation.


That learning curve in the last 2 weeks has taken a huge swing as I met and since fished with a group of very good anglers and also extremely friendly and helpful. On one of my first venture down to Hamilton harbour 3 gentlemen just walked up and started chatting. Later I find out that these 3 are some of the top carp anglers around Hamilton and on the CAG board.


Needless to say a big thank you to John, Steve and Lorne. Hopefully I get to fish with you gents some more as you've certainly wetted my appetite.


now on to the fish porn.


Set up Sunday night after dinner and with a little help and guidance refined my rig. I like to fish with a ground bait method feeder above my corn and after a couple of adjustments (who knew you could peg the swivel into the method feeder!)It didn't take long for the alarm to go off.


a short but really thick fish. We didn't weigh it but a rough measurement of 31.5" but the girth on this fish was ridiculous. In the picture you can see the fish was so fat that it actually kept rolling on its back. From more experienced anglers the guess was 22lbs



Next came about 30 minutes later and was around 15#, again no weight just a guess by guys who have caught a few fish in their day. Nice way to end the night especially when the other anglers kept a steady pick of 5-8# carp.


Couple of nights later I was able to swing by again for a few hours after dinner. Got there at 6:30 to see a large group already set up. Rod pods everywhere! I figured I haven't paid enough dues with these guys to barge in and set up amongst them so I picked a spot about 75 yards down the shore where I new the channel came in a little deeper. It was dead until anout 8:30. Most had left from the main group. Was watching my line to see 2-3 little jumps. Alarm didn't sound. I picked the line up to increase the tension and WHAM fish on and it runs off about 50 yards of line. Nice fight and I took the time to weigh this on in my handy IKEA shopping bag - 14.5#. Lost 2 more on the runs due to equipment malfunction and then landed this one. Great fight and several long long runs

wasn't as fat but a little longer 33" and 16.9 # on the berkley. One last one of 14# at dark to cap the night off. Great avg size to start the season off. All fish caught on a mix of honey and fruit punch homemade corn.



Can't wait to get back out. Gonna dust of the 13 ft'r since it didn't get any action this spring.

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