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CTC grand re-opening Woodbridge

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NOT SPAM I hope (if the mods want to pull it please do) I don't own the store just passing on some deals that may benefit our members who can get at them. And I don't guarantee that they have enough of them, but what I just saw it's local and they may have enough.



I just got back (my wife works there and the manager is a friend) and they have a great sale going on until May 16 due to the make over.


Here are some sample items, sorry I can't list them all and the flyer (only for the store's sales area) is to big to scan!


Adult deluxe PFD reg 39.99 on for 14.97


2 gal. air compressor reg 99.99 for 38.88


Stud sensor 4.97 (leave this one alone guys)


5-drawer tool storage cabinet combo 219.99 for 84.97


Drill bits reg 29.99 for 7.97


Ram-x 15 1/2' 3-seat canoe 37" beam 800lb capacity reg 649.99 389.97


Emerald Cedar trees reg 39.99 on for 19.99


Garden hose 29.99 for 9.97


And there is more!

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