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Boat dash issues

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Hey fellow fishing enthusiasts! Just curious if anyone can be of any help in relation to my boat dash issue on my Rinker 265 Fiesta Vee. I attempted to recover it myself only to find out how tedious of a job that it is to pull off. I made an honest attempt to recover it only for it to turn out to look like a bad Christmas wrapping job! Any ideas or people I can be put into touch with that would recover a dash in the greater Toronto area preferably or any ideas on the matter. The dash itself is a hard gaged plastic material which is kind of aged and cracked under the existing grey covering that was originally on it. Im not sure if I can take that existing mould and get it coated with something or not and go from there or what I should do at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I would recommend the guys at Goldstar @ 905-662-0057, they are in Stoney Creek just off the South service road on Teal Ave. I have had work done by them before and their quality is excellant. Good Luck

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You can check with marinas and upholstry shops about getting the work done.


Not sure what your console looks like, but if the guage pod is removable it can be recovered.

If I was still down there I could probably do it for you.

I redid the helm on my boat a couple of years ago as it was looking pretty tired. :rolleyes:

It was an easy job as it was flat and I didn't have to work the vynil into any recesses, but it is not that much more difficult to do.


I removed the woodgrain coloured plastic that was original to the boat and replaced it with aluminum covered with marine grade vinyl.

I also replaced wood that was holding the helm in place with aluminum to strengthen things up.

Here's a few pics of the work.


The Old



And the New









Good luck with your project.

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