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Some more salmon came in few days ago

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Thanks to some friends who were fishing at a local tribe daily within the past few days(he also landed a Brown trout). More salmon came in few days ago. It took me almost 10 minutes to land one of these . Both female caught, release one and gave the other to someone else who begged for it.


Landed 2 for 2 within an hour, I have to leave the premises after facing few aggravation from others who stole my spot after I was in the process of landing my fish. I have to invite all of my fishing buddies on my next trip to avoid similar aggravation.





Dollarama lure used http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd294/b..._album/lure.jpg

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AHAHAHA That was you last night! I was there as well. I'm the asian guy fishing with the centerpin in the wheat coloured jacket. Those punk kids really get on my nerves sometimes. I wouldn't take crap from them. Most of them don't know anything about fish yet they talk like they are experts. You shouldn't have given that guy the fish, it's your right to release it. I few days ago I caught a nice 30+ female (released) full of eggs and still fairly silver.

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