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Quick Report and a Tip

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I managed to get out both yesterday and today to fish on the Red River. Was trying to get organized for a tournament out here but couldn't nail down a partner.


Anyhow, high winds and a bit of a cold front made fishing yesterday tough a few sauger and a couple small walleye.


Today was a different story, got out really early (before the boat launch olympics) and started hitting fish right off. Never had to move as fish seemed to be moving upriver in waves, action was steady with some greenbacks in the 5-7lb range finding their way into the boat.


After last weekends poor photography I was all set up with a borrowed tripod for some better efforts. Tough to take pictures when the camera is at home....I'll get it right one of these weekends.



Called it an early day today to finish some yardwork etc. The boat launch was about as bad as I've seen it anywhere. 3 or 4 collisions boats falling off trailers, I sat out in the river for 30mins until the rush of 1pm launchers subsided. Im by no stretch a pro getting the boat in and out of the water since I usually am alone, but jeez when I take half the time as groups of guys its bad. It seems like the greenback run in manitoba is similar to the great lakes salmon run, brings those with common sense out of the woodwork.




THE TIP (you guys have probably figured this out well before me...)


Here is a tip that worked very well for me today. I was anchored over a drop off and with the current and wind the boat was moving from 18 to 21 fow. Lots of fish were suspended up at 18-19' off the edge of the drop. I was catching fish pounding a jig into the bottom but wasn't sure I was catching the fish up off bottom. Tied a hook up 24" from my jig and used a 5/8oz fintech zon'r (cuts the current very nice). A modified dropshot. My indication this was working was I got fish on both hooks (not at the same time). Pounding the bottom has been the best jigging method and this rig let me continue this and catch a few bonus fish.

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Great report troutologist :thumbsup_anim:

Sounds like fun catching them eyes!!!

Thanks for the tip.... I'll have to try it next time I'm out fishing for walleyes :thumbsup_anim:


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